How to choose a moneymaking niche for your blog

Today’s topic is – How to choose a perfect moneymaking niche for your blog? I will discuss here 4 definite quick and easy steps from which you can easily select at least one to choose a valuable and moneymaking niche for you.

I could have simply said this topic in other way … like …how to choose a niche for your blog.

Instead of that, here I emphasized on a long tail keyword Moneymaking niche. It is mainly because of the fact that your aim is just not to create a blog; but to build a profitable blog, which is only possible if your blog makes money.

Now the question is …

How Can You Make Money Blogging?

You can make money by providing a solution to a need of a substantially large group of people who use Internet searching for that solution keeping their credit card out in their hands.

So, a perfect moneymaking niche for your blog is a specific NEED or WANT of a substantially large group of people and at the same time you have the right SOLUTION for it.

When they get the solution, they will pay for it and you will make money. That’s it.

Now the next question is –

How to Identify a Perfect Moneymaking Niche for Your Blog?

In my opinion …

A perfect money making niche can be your knowledge or / and skills or expertise on a specific topic or subject or interest that has a sufficient demand in the market and most importantly you feel confident, comfortable, and motivated to perform the required activities consistently with full of enthusiasm to produce the solution to satisfy that demand even it requires hard work.

That’s all about identifying a perfect niche I can say.

This whole process can be divided into finding 3 things:

How to Setup Automated Email Marketing System in Your Blog - Pagematic Review!

Here is another extensive tutorial just for you. Today I am going to show you step-by-step with detailed pictorial representation how to setup a professional email marketing system on your blog using one of Pagematic’s web hosting packages.

But, there is a surprise!

The most interesting part is … you can setup your email marketing system without any premium stand-alone email marketing service or software and therefore you don’t need pay a dime for it. Isn’t it interesting?

Can you guess it?

Ok! I don’t want to keep you in suspense any more.

The surprise is …you can setup your professional email marketing system on your website or blog using a web-hosting package. Isn’t it another surprise?

The deal is – pay for any web-hosting package and get your email marketing service free. That’s it. Don’t think that this unique package costs you extra. Just pay the same price or even less than that you normally pay for web hosting. This rare offer is brought you by Pagematic, a premium web hosting company. The best part is – for an investment of only $5 per month you can avail this rare opportunity.

How to Setup Automated Email Marketing System in Your Blog - Pagematic Review!

I already wrote a review on Pagematic on my blog where I detailed about its unique features. Somehow if you missed this review, just go through it – Pay only for web hosting, Get email marketing free.

In another review, I wrote about how to setup your own blog in one shot. It’s also a comprehensive and step-by-step tutorial with pictorial representation. It guides you step-by-step to set up your professional blog within few minutes using one of Pagematic’s unique web hosting package.

Now, let’s focus on today’s topic. Today’s topic is setting up automated email marketing system for your blog using one of Pagematic’s web hosting packages. This is another comprehensive tutorial and the last in this series.

Setting up Automated Email Marketing System in Your Blog using Pagematic

The whole process of setting up email marketing system is slightly lengthy. It would be better and easier to understand the whole process for you if I split it into certain number of modules.

To understand the whole process better, I divided this process into 4 short modules.

Pagematic review - How to setup your professional blog in one shot within minutes!

This is a special tutorial for you. Here I tried to show you exactly how to setup your professional blog in one shot within minutes using one of Pagematic’s web hosting packages.

If you already are a professional blogger, you also find this tutorial interesting because of the features of a web hosting company I am talking about.

I already explained in my previous blog post … how Pagematic provides both the services, which are the most important in professional blogging, … one of them is web hosting and the other is email marketing and the best part is … these two important services are combined in one package.

You pay for only one service and get the other service completely free. Actually email marketing is included in Pagematic’s web-hosting package and this package of two premium services starts from an incredibly low price of mere $5 per month. If you somehow omitted that post, go through it.

Here in this post, I will show you step-by-step how quickly and easily you can set up your blog in one shot using one of Pagematic’s hosting packages.

Pagematic review - How to setup professional blog in one shot!

Here are the Steps for Setting Up Your Professional Blog using One of Pagematic Web Hosting Packages

These steps are very easy and simple. One can setup a professional blog even having no technical knowledge.

Step1: Register Your Website or Blog at Pagematic.

The first and the most important step is … register your new website (a blog is ultimately a website) at Pagematic web host by selecting any one package from their list. The details of different packages are shown in my last post. (If you wish, just take a look into it)

After registration, when you get the access to your website’s Cpanel or control panel, you need to follow the rest of the steps one by one.

Task 1: So, in this step, your task is to register your website at Pagematic. If you haven’t registered your website yet, go for it.

Step2: Click on Soft or Softaculous on Your Cpanel.

Pagematic Inc. review: Pay for professional web hosting, get email marketing free!

If you already have determined to start your profitable blog …here is an excellent opportunity to take your first step forward.

You already know that a professional blog requires at least two essential services:

  • The first service that you need is a web host where you host your blog and
  • The second thing is an email marketing service that you need to publish your own email newsletter and accept subscribers.

Without the above two main services nothing is going to happen. A real professional blogger or online entrepreneur mainly puts his or her blog or website on a web host and starts email newsletter to accept subscribers from day one of his or her online business. These subscribers are actually your future prospects.

The main reason behind this … all real successful online moneymakers use one secret to make money online. Though, this is no more secret. It is already proved from the experience of almost all successful online businesses so far that …money is in the list.

That’s why they continuously put efforts to build their subscribers list. They place subscription forms on their websites, blogs, squeeze pages, landing pages and social media pages so that people can subscribe to their email newsletters and as a token of thanks, they give away free content such as an ebook, report, tool or anything else to their subscribers.

You must understand that this free content that you give away to your subscribers should really be helpful to them otherwise they don’t get interested to subscribe your newsletter. Sometimes it is evident that some of these free gifts or give away content are more valuable than a product or service that people purchase.

So, whatever strategies are proven to be successful, you need to simply follow them. You don’t need to reinvent anything.

So, the basic is … create your blog or website first and then start your online newsletter. This is the simple but effective online money making system, which worked well in the past, works well in the present and will work well in the future as well.

So, what exactly will you need to do?

Here are the steps for you

Select one reliable web host.

If you think of setting up a blog, you first need to find a reliable, high performing hassle free web host with excellent customer support. Otherwise your life is going to be miserable for sure. So, in my opinion, selecting a web host is most important. In this case, my favourite is BlueHost. It is one of the best hosts with competitive hosting packages and features. It is used and recommended by the top bloggers and website owners from all corners of the world including me. You can take advantage of the BlueHost $6.95 deal, which includes a free domain name.

Select one professional email marketing and list management service

An efficient email management system provides you all-in-one solution in effective email marketing from a single easy-to-use interface. It provides you tools for producing professional email signup form on your blog pages, accepting new subscribers to your email list, automatically following up your list of subscribers with pre-written autoresponders series and broadcasting your important messages to your lists whenever you require. There is an excellent stand alone service called Aweber, which provides you all of the above (If you like, you can take a glimpse of my review on Aweber).You can get started today with Aweber for just $1.

So, if you are determined to start your profitable blog, you can start with the above two premium and reliable services i.e. BlueHost for web hosting and Aweber for your email marketing.

An Alternative – One Combined Solution provides Both the Services for the Cost of One

With my all respect to both of the above services, here, I am introducing a third option for you. This is one company called Pagematic that provides you both the services.

That means – you pay just for web hosting and get email list management and marketing system completely free.

The best thing about their offer is … you will get both services for the cost of only one under single package. A single package starts from only $5, which is ridiculously less than that you can even think of.

Here I am going to tell you my real life story. It’s all about …how a struggling blogger like me ultimately became successful to build my blog profitable.

If you are struggling with your blog and unable to make money online or build your blog profitable … this post might help you.

Before that, here is an important announcement.

Recently I added a new section Minimum steps to start your profitable blog & make money online on my blog. You can find it here – Getting Started on the top menu of my blog.

Minimum steps to start your profitable blog & make money online

But there is something that you need to clarify first.

In order to build a profitable blog and making money online, you must first need to understand exactly what a profitable blog really means.

Here it is…

Anything is said to be profitable which continuously generates enough money that you and your family can live on it and it ensures a financially sound future.

A blog is simply an online business, which is said to be profitable when it satisfies the above conditions.

You can easily find many great marketers, online entrepreneurs and bloggers in every possible niche earning thousands of dollars every month or even millions in a year.

At the same time there are plenty of bloggers (yes PLENTY) earning their living from their profitable blogs.

So, these live examples around you are evident that making money online from a blog or a website is not impossible.

But this is the one side of the coin. It is bright. It is enlightened. There is another side, which is totally dark. The fact is – the brighter side is outnumbered by the massive darker side. Only fraction of billions of blogs becomes successful. Compared to whole blogging world a few of them actually make profit.

From the above hardcore reality it can be easily assumed that making money online from a blog is not at all easy. It does not happen overnight. It demands lots of hard work and specific actions to be taken.

Some of you might fall into the trap of so-called get rich quick programs in anticipating of making quick money online with just few clicks of push buttons. These false hopes are regularly created and marketed by few people. Some of them are even big names in the industry.

You believe it or not, it didn’t work in the past and it won’t work in the future too. Nothing in the world happens easy and especially when it comes to making money online.

Generally speaking, making sufficient money online continuously to support yourself and your family takes a reasonable amount of time. It could be a year or even years of real hard work.

There are exemptions too. You might heard of a few persons, who happened to be extra smart or found themselves lucky enough to produce their first sale within six months of launching their new blogs or it was even earlier. But these examples are EXCEPTIONAL.

It is NOT at all WISE for you to hope for an unrealistic and unexpected result.

Lets Look Into My Real Life Story

Debabrata Dhar - A struggling blogger making money online

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