If you have a blog or an online business or trying to start one of them, make it sure that you have an efficient and easy-to-use email management system right in the place.

My intension of writing this article is to assist you taking a decision – which email management system do you use for your online business? – be it a professional blog or a website to sell your product.

Before that you need to understand …

Why Do You Need An Email Management System?

From the very early stage of online business, email marketing has been considered as the most important marketing strategy for the online entrepreneurs to spread their wings and explore new channels of prospects. Still now, it has got the same importance and relevance in growing a profitable business online.

That’s why requirement of an efficient email management system comes into place.

An efficient email management system provides you all-in-one solution in effective email marketing from a single easy-to-use interface. It provides you tools for producing professional email signup form on your web page, accepting new subscribers to your email list, automatically following up your list of subscribers and customers with pre-written autoresponders series and broadcasting your important messages to your lists whenever you require.

Why Am I?

If you allow me to help you quickly reach a decision in selecting an efficient email management system, I will certainly recommend you to go for AWeber. In my opinion AWeber is probably the best email management system available in the present market.

What Is There In AWeber?

AWeber comes with user-friendly web-based interface with certain useful tools and unique funcionalities that make your life easy to quickly build your email list and stay in touch with your profitable prospects and customers for 24×7.

It has already earned the reputation from thousands of world-wide useres as the best email marketing software to deliver the best results for any size email marketing campaign.

Lets Take A Quick Look At The Main Features Of AWeber

AWeber comes with easy-to-use unique features that removes your all possible email marketing hazards by it’s user-friendly interface and its state-of-the-art technology.

Create Email Newsletter

AWeber comes with tons of easy-to-customize HTML email templates designed by top quality designers. They come with numerous color schemes, dedicated areas for your logo and images and tested in all major email clients (Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo! and more).

You just need to create and send professional email newsletters in few minutes.

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Match Signup Form Templates

It comes with hundreds of beautiful customizable signup forms with flexible designs and multiple colour schemes. You just need to select one of them that maches with your newsletter and create your signup form in just 3 easy steps.

You can collect your subscriber’s information in 25 fields like Name, Email and more fields using their easy drag and drop interface.

You can even animate your signup form by creating 3-D effect with sticky note and memo forms or sliding your form entry into view from any edge of the web page.

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Publish Emails Online

Automatically publish your email newsletters online with an integrated sign-up form on the online version so that your subscribers can browse your current and past emails, share your content with others and help you build your email following.

Integrate Facebook and Twitter

You can integrate Facebook and Twitter to expand the reach of your email newsletters by instantly sending Twitter followers a link to your newest emails or automatically posting your broadcasts to your Facebook wall.

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Split Test Your Signup Forms

You can optimize your web forms and build your list faster by ceating your forms with different offers or copy and selecting which ones you want to test. AWeber will tell you which form gets more subscribers.

You just need to put that form on your website and build your list faster.

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Autoresponder Followups

You can automatically deliver a series of unlimited followups to your new opt-in subscribers and build profitable relationships with them.

It involves few stepts like welcome subscribers, drive them back to your website or blog, deliver downloads and provide product information to build the trust and confidence in your subscribers’ mind.

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Autoresponder Templates

They provide over 150 easily customizable autoresponder templates with multiple colour schemes. You just need to select one of them, add your logo or images and it becomes ready to send to your subscribers. Just copy your content and send it to your subscribers.

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Set Your Own Delivery Hours

If you know when your subscribers are more likely to check their email you can pick up those windows of time to deliver your autoresponders. It will keep your emails at top of the inbox of your subscribers and get the most attention from them.

You can easily specify the days and timing so that your follow up messages get the best open rates and subscriber response.

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Email Your Blog Articles

It has come with an unique feature that instantly converts your blog posts into emails. They come up with a way to automagically take your RSS feed and convert your feed to email marketing newsletter.

You just need to enter your blog feed information and mention how often your message to be sent. It will do the rest.

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Broadcast From All Major Blogs

You can broadcast your post from all your major blogs. You just need to integrate with your blog to send posts as emails and choose an option between sending individual posts or weekly summaries.

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Email Marketing API To Integrate With Other Service Or Tool

You can easily integrate AWeber’s email marketing software with another service or tool. With their API, you can easily create an app just for your own personal use, or make one designed to be used by thousands of other businesses.

WordPress Web Form Plugin

It’s easy to install an opt-in form on your WordPress blog with just a few clicks. Simply install the plugin, drag it into place, and select the signup form that you’d like to appear on your blog.

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Create Segments Of Subscribers From The Beginning

You can create segments of subscribers with information collected at sign-up using web form builder and requesting specific information from your prospects (Name, Email and up to 25 other fields). You can use that information to segment your subscribers once they are on your lists or you can automatically add subscribers to a segment based on which sign up form they filled out.

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Create Segments Of Subscriber Based On Activities

With a single click, you can create subscriber segments based on activities such as who opened your email and who didn’t, who made a purchase and who didn’t, who clicked a certain link or didn’t or who visited a particular page on your website or not.

You can also create segments based on location or region based on IP address and the custom information collected at signup like age, gender, etc.

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Obtain Best Email Deliverability

To facilitate your email delivered maximum AWeber try their best to keep spammers out with their strong anti-spam policy, authenticate all your email campaigns using SPF and DomainKeys, automatically remove unsubscribes and undeliverable addresses, resolve potential delivery issues and help you avoid filters by checking your emails for spam-like content.

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Expert Analysis Of Your Every Email Delivered

They provide you expert analysis of your every email before it delivered. The system automatically analyze your emails before sending, and scoring them based on their content and on the basis of that analysis you can make changes before filters mistakenly block your messages.

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Performance Tracking And Improvement

AWeber provides useful graphs to track your performance and help you eliminate your guesswork and see exactly how your email newsletter and follow up autoresponder perform.

You can track who opened your email, who clicked you link, how much revenue generated from each email, how many people unsubscribed, what email services subscribers are using to read your messages and many more.

You can export, print, and email your statistics for your future use and improve your performance.

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Expert Customer Support

If you have questions related your email marketing and autoresponder services, there are real live expert customer support team ready to answer your questions. They are just a call or click away from you.

You can browse their huge knowledge base for the answers to FAQ or detailed instructions and clear explanations which cover basic to advanced and complicated topics.

You can attend free live webinars weekly to view live video trainng and ask your questions and get the answers directly and learn other marketers’ concerns and ideas to improve your email marketing skills and use them to grow your business.

How Technical Is AWeber?

It takes about 1-2 hours collectively to master AWeber. It’s that easy. You don’t need to have expert programming skills to implement it in your online business. Most of the interface is simple forms that you just need to fill out.

If you are not familiar with the web basics like online forms you may need help. Just read through the instructional materials, take their expert support and you will be familiar with the system in a couple of days.

Choosing AWeber As Your Email Marketing Software And Autoresponders

In my opinion, an email marketing and autoresponder system needs to be user friendly, efficient in providing maximum deliverability and the reputation for it’s acceptability.

From the above details, it is quite understandable that AWeber satisfies all of them. So, it deserves automatic recommendation from me as well as most of the leading online marketing experts.

I recommend you before purchasing their service, you do your own due diligence. You may consult current customers for their valuable opinions too. But it would not be a gamble with your fortune if you test it for full 30 days by investing only just $1.

A friend in the business,

Debabrata Dhar

Debabrata Dhar