Here I am going to tell you my real life story. It’s all about …how a struggling blogger like me ultimately became successful to build my blog profitable.

If you are struggling with your blog and unable to make money online or build your blog profitable … this post might help you.

Before that, here is an important announcement.

Recently I added a new section Minimum steps to start your profitable blog & make money online on my blog. You can find it here – Getting Started on the top menu of my blog.

Minimum steps to start your profitable blog & make money online

But there is something that you need to clarify first.

In order to build a profitable blog and making money online, you must first need to understand exactly what a profitable blog really means.

Here it is…

Anything is said to be profitable which continuously generates enough money that you and your family can live on it and it ensures a financially sound future.

A blog is simply an online business, which is said to be profitable when it satisfies the above conditions.

You can easily find many great marketers, online entrepreneurs and bloggers in every possible niche earning thousands of dollars every month or even millions in a year.

At the same time there are plenty of bloggers (yes PLENTY) earning their living from their profitable blogs.

So, these live examples around you are evident that making money online from a blog or a website is not impossible.

But this is the one side of the coin. It is bright. It is enlightened. There is another side, which is totally dark. The fact is – the brighter side is outnumbered by the massive darker side. Only fraction of billions of blogs becomes successful. Compared to whole blogging world a few of them actually make profit.

From the above hardcore reality it can be easily assumed that making money online from a blog is not at all easy. It does not happen overnight. It demands lots of hard work and specific actions to be taken.

Some of you might fall into the trap of so-called get rich quick programs in anticipating of making quick money online with just few clicks of push buttons. These false hopes are regularly created and marketed by few people. Some of them are even big names in the industry.

You believe it or not, it didn’t work in the past and it won’t work in the future too. Nothing in the world happens easy and especially when it comes to making money online.

Generally speaking, making sufficient money online continuously to support yourself and your family takes a reasonable amount of time. It could be a year or even years of real hard work.

There are exemptions too. You might heard of a few persons, who happened to be extra smart or found themselves lucky enough to produce their first sale within six months of launching their new blogs or it was even earlier. But these examples are EXCEPTIONAL.

It is NOT at all WISE for you to hope for an unrealistic and unexpected result.

Lets Look Into My Real Life Story

Debabrata Dhar - A struggling blogger making money online

It took almost a year to make my first affiliate sale from my blog Net Profit Magic.

In between, I struggled a lot, made many mistakes, even got influenced by so-called get rich quick programs and when they did not work I got frustrated.

Ultimately, I realized that I had to stick to the basics. I needed to create quality content for my readers, satisfy their need, and provide solution to their problems and queries.

It was not easy to stay at home working every single day creating content for my blog and hoping for success. Several times I wanted to give it up when I found nothing went in my way.

But, believe me, it happened. I got the taste of success ultimately. Now, I got few affiliate sales everyday. Though I am not a millionaire I make few thousands every month and happy with my earnings and enjoy life with my loving parents, wife and my little daughter.

Now, I am free to live my Laptop lifestyle. I work whenever I want to – from anywhere in the world. I write my blog post at my bed room or on my rooftop or at a peaceful coffee shop or take one or two hour ride to a countryside with full of natural beauties, sit down there on a bank of river and write articles for my blog. Now I am free to take my business decisions, I am free to decide my vacations too.

This is not the end. My task is not over. There are so many things I need to do. I need to use the best of my potential to enrich my blog content, monetize it to its fullest extent. I think I didn’t use my full potential yet.

I need to market it more aggressively to get more targeted traffic from unexplored channels and most importantly I need to provide the best possible content continuously to satisfy the need of my existing as well as new readers.

Till date, I did not use all possible forms of content on my blog. My blog contains mainly text-based content. I didn’t even try to create audio or video content. I didn’t even publish my blog posts based on interviews though I personally know lots of great online entrepreneurs. I think my blog readers will certainly get benefits from these kinds of one-to-one conversation and their success stories. I didn’t use social networking sites aggressively to create new revenue generating channels. So, I have many things to do.

As I got passed the strongest hurdle in rolling things in my way, it will be a lot easier for me, to move my blog fast hereafter to the next level.

So, from my experience, I can assure you that as it was possible for me, it is possible for you too. The fact is – I’m not the only one living this kind of lifestyle. There are thousands of people making money online and generating income from their blogs and websites.

Learn It from a Struggler

Nor am I a guru neither a millionaire. You already know that I struggled, made mistakes and became frustrated, wanted to give up several times and ultimately I got my success.

I got the success following some real specific steps, which might be different from other successful people. But these steps provided me awesome results that I was looking for and blessed me the life of a proud online entrepreneur.

I’m here to tell you the same real steps that I followed to get awesome results from my blog because I want YOU to experience the same result without repeating the same mistakes that I made.

Remember that these steps are NOT false get rich quick hypes. It is not going to happen overnight for sure. You may face struggle. It may not be easy for you. Sometimes it may happen that you will want to give it up (like I did several times), but it is possible if you are committed to take actions.

Here I’ll do my best to guide you and give you the right information and real guidelines step-by-step. But, finally whether you will succeed or not totally depends on you.

Here is your exact path to blogging success. But the journey is yours. Ultimately, you are the person to decide… whether you follow it or not…

If you are really looking for blogging success… just go through it and check it out whether this guide truly helps you or not.

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As always your friend in business,

Debabrata Dhar