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Here I am going to tell you my real life story. It’s all about …how a struggling blogger like me ultimately became successful to build my blog profitable.

If you are struggling with your blog and unable to make money online or build your blog profitable … this post might help you.

Before that, here is an important announcement.

Recently I added a new section Minimum steps to start your profitable blog & make money online on my blog. You can find it here – Getting Started on the top menu of my blog.

Minimum steps to start your profitable blog & make money online

But there is something that you need to clarify first.

In order to build a profitable blog and making money online, you must first need to understand exactly what a profitable blog really means.

Here it is…

Anything is said to be profitable which continuously generates enough money that you and your family can live on it and it ensures a financially sound future.

A blog is simply an online business, which is said to be profitable when it satisfies the above conditions.

You can easily find many great marketers, online entrepreneurs and bloggers in every possible niche earning thousands of dollars every month or even millions in a year.

At the same time there are plenty of bloggers (yes PLENTY) earning their living from their profitable blogs.

So, these live examples around you are evident that making money online from a blog or a website is not impossible.

But this is the one side of the coin. It is bright. It is enlightened. There is another side, which is totally dark. The fact is – the brighter side is outnumbered by the massive darker side. Only fraction of billions of blogs becomes successful. Compared to whole blogging world a few of them actually make profit.

From the above hardcore reality it can be easily assumed that making money online from a blog is not at all easy. It does not happen overnight. It demands lots of hard work and specific actions to be taken.

Some of you might fall into the trap of so-called get rich quick programs in anticipating of making quick money online with just few clicks of push buttons. These false hopes are regularly created and marketed by few people. Some of them are even big names in the industry.

You believe it or not, it didn’t work in the past and it won’t work in the future too. Nothing in the world happens easy and especially when it comes to making money online.

Generally speaking, making sufficient money online continuously to support yourself and your family takes a reasonable amount of time. It could be a year or even years of real hard work.

There are exemptions too. You might heard of a few persons, who happened to be extra smart or found themselves lucky enough to produce their first sale within six months of launching their new blogs or it was even earlier. But these examples are EXCEPTIONAL.

It is NOT at all WISE for you to hope for an unrealistic and unexpected result.

Lets Look Into My Real Life Story

Debabrata Dhar - A struggling blogger making money online

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Today I am going to talk about the different way in setting New Year goals and different approach to achieve them by different level of bloggers.

It’s an attempt to show you that how bloggers of different levels from probloggers to new bloggers as well as online entrepreneurs set their goals to really achieve them and become successful.

Recently I published my New Year Goals on my blog. If you want to know, go through my goal setting blog post.

While setting my goals I tried to keep them simple, specific and realistic so that they do not seem cloudy and they are achievable for me. Each of them is comprised of a set of logically sequenced tasks. I just need to finish them one by one within specified time schedule and get some obvious results. If they do not give me desired results I just need to redefine those tasks to achieve my blogging goals.

If you notice my goals you will see that I just kept them simple. If I made them complicated, it might give me ambiguous results or results, which might be far behind from my goals, or even results, which might place me nowhere.

But today I want to show you some other bloggers’ goals. I randomly selected four bloggers from different fields with different level of experience and success primarily to understand the diversity of their mindset, their work culture and their approach to achieve their goals.

It’s an attempt to study their goals and learn from them. I think it will help both you and me to understand why they are different from each other and achieve different level of success.

Diversity In Setting New Year Goals & Achievements By Bloggers of Different Levels

John Carlton

John Carlton

Lets start with John Carlton. He is one of the most recognized, sought-after, and ripped-off experts in direct response marketing. He is one of the best copywriters in the online industry earning outrageous fees and has the ability to transform marketing campaigns into huge winners. Simple Writing System is his ultimate copywriting training course.

This is the post that I wished to write from the end of last year. It happens today.

As a professional blogger, I have some specific goals this year that I already set for me. But I never published my personal goals on my blog before. There are some reasons for that.

Actually, I was not very much active on my blog before. The main reason was – I was mostly occupied by my main job software development and got little time to spare for my blog.

Setting new year goals - Debabrata Dhar

Nevertheless, my Bogging Journey was Good so far – it was rather Impressive

I wrote nearly hundreds of blog posts or articles on my blog – most of them were not bad and ranked at the top 5 on Google even for the most competitive keywords.

They are still bringing fair amount of targeted traffic to my blog everyday and most importantly they are bringing fair amount of money every month for me. It’s not bad – right?

Regular comments on my blog suggest that I am not a bad writer as well. My readers are satisfied by the quality of the content of my blog posts and they want more from me. It gives me the rare satisfaction of being able to contribute something to my community.

Above facts actually prove that I know blogging quite a bit and I can improve my performance as a professional blogger quite easily if I invest some time in it.

During last two three years, blogsphere are spreading like volcano and it is reaching each and every corner of life. In this typical blogevolution age, thousands of blogs are emerging everyday with almost all possible topics you can think of.

Plenty of bloggers are making remarkable contributions to their respective niches. Even new niches are generated everyday. In this fast changing world, bloggers are playing an important role.

Everyday they are facing new challenges and coming out with innovative ideas, different angels, faster solutions, new arguments and the best of all they are giving blogging a new dimension.

There are plenty of probloggers making their effective and master minded contributions regularly and even lots of young and aspirant bloggers are coming out with fresh new ideas, promises and potentials. They are making their places stronger and going neck to neck with probloggers in providing unique and innovative solutions to their niche markets.

Now blog is not limited to blogging itself. It is becoming the place of highly professionals, technocrats, celebrities, writers and specialists in their respective fields and most importantly blog is becoming serious business place.

Here millions of dollars are spent and plenty of money making opportunities are generated everyday. If you serious about it, you can exploit these huge and regularly created diversified opportunities to change your fortune.

If you are a blogger, here is a question for you.

Are You Ready For Every New Opportunity?

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