How to choose a moneymaking niche for your blog

Today’s topic is – How to choose a perfect moneymaking niche for your blog? I will discuss here 4 definite quick and easy steps from which you can easily select at least one to choose a valuable and moneymaking niche for you.

I could have simply said this topic in other way … like …how to choose a niche for your blog.

Instead of that, here I emphasized on a long tail keyword Moneymaking niche. It is mainly because of the fact that your aim is just not to create a blog; but to build a profitable blog, which is only possible if your blog makes money.

Now the question is …

How Can You Make Money Blogging?

You can make money by providing a solution to a need of a substantially large group of people who use Internet searching for that solution keeping their credit card out in their hands.

So, a perfect moneymaking niche for your blog is a specific NEED or WANT of a substantially large group of people and at the same time you have the right SOLUTION for it.

When they get the solution, they will pay for it and you will make money. That’s it.

Now the next question is –

How to Identify a Perfect Moneymaking Niche for Your Blog?

In my opinion …

A perfect money making niche can be your knowledge or / and skills or expertise on a specific topic or subject or interest that has a sufficient demand in the market and most importantly you feel confident, comfortable, and motivated to perform the required activities consistently with full of enthusiasm to produce the solution to satisfy that demand even it requires hard work.

That’s all about identifying a perfect niche I can say.

This whole process can be divided into finding 3 things:

  • Your strength – what you really know about so that you are confident enough to help other people on that.
  • Your passion – what you enjoy most and do what you love even it requires hard work.
  • Market’s demand – what is the need / want of a specific market segment (a group of people) that you can provide and earn money in return.

If all your 3 findings boil down to one specific topic or subject or interest or skill then it can be said that you have found a perfect moneymaking niche.

Different Ways to Selecting Your Money Making Niche for Your Blog

There are actually plenty of ways to choose a money making niche. If I club them together into a few decisive numbers, there would be at least four easy steps or ways.

I am confident that at least one of the following ways easily matches with your profile and helps you to identify a perfect money making niche for your blog.

1. Your Expertise or Skill

Here I am talking about your strength. The strength you acquired indulging hard work over the years of your life. This strength could be the best money making niche for your blog.

You can think of exploiting your professional experience or expertise or a skill or your knowledge. Anyone in this list could be your strength.

The problem is … there is a possibility of getting bored doing the same work that you normally do as your routine job. Usually people get burned out doing the same things again and again.

If it is not your case, it’s an easy niche for you to select.

If your expertise or skill has a significant demand in a specific market, nothing can be better than this. Choose your strength as your blog niche provided you are still excited spending extra nights and weekends besides your regular job, on developing solutions on some specific needs of the market.

If you are software professional, you can think of developing software, tools, websites, and blogs for others. If you are mobile apps developer you can start writing blog posts on how to develop apps for different mobile platforms, how to come up with different apps idea and how to shape them into action. And at the same time, you can start a service to develop apps for clients. In the same way you can start blogging to provide SEO service, financial service, legal services or anything else on which you have strength and at the same time, there is a substantially large market.

2. Your Passion

The best possible topic of your blog niche might be your passion. The concept is – do what you love or choose a topic, which you are really passionate about.

The advantage of having passion as your blog topic is that you never get tired with it than the niches where you don’t have interest.

As you are passionate about your topic, it is expected that you are already well informed, experienced and excited about it. It is also anticipated that you are capable and have the authority to talk about it.

If you are actively involved in your passion and already have taken initiative in mastering in it… you are through. You just need to take a professional approach to show the world how to start, how to do and how to master in it. It is sure; there are enough people, who are ready to listen to you.

Here, one thing you need to remember that you do not have to be the first person in this niche. There might be many people who also have the same passion. It might be possible that you have actually influenced by one or few of them.

So, the obvious question is … what new or untold or unexplored thing is there about your passion that you want to tell the world through your blog so that you face less competition and at the same time people would love it.

Here you need to do some research work before you start your blog. Here is an example in this regard that I wrote in one of my previous posts.

Suppose your strength or passion is “backyard gardening”, which is slightly different from a general topic “gardening” and it demands specific knowledge and skills because here garden space is limited, conditions are not suitable for all kinds of plants. So, your task is to research your topic in the context of people’s need. Do some keyword research and find out exactly what people are looking for on this topic and ready to pay for it. Rearrange your strength in such a way that you can satisfy their need with a solution and make money from it.

You can use major search engines to research about your topic.Google Adword is very good tool in this context and the best part is … it is free.

The best example of your passion related topics can be music, photography, video games, gardening, food, cooking, traveling, adventurous sports, dog care, childcare, lifestyle, parenting or anything else that you are really excited about.

3. Your Dream

Another niche finding exercise is to follow your dream.

Do you really dream? Can your dream big? If it is YES then listen to your dreams.

Normally our dreams are influenced as well as restricted by our current situation. It includes our family heritage, personal education, experience, financial condition, the environment where we brought up, the association where we live in or the people whom we everyday meet and such more factors.

All these factors bring in lots of limitations in our life. Limitations could be physical, financial, situational or circumstantial or all of them. With all these limitations combined we create a perception about ourselves … draw a circle around us and we can’t think outside the box.

As a result of that, we become unable to dare a big dream. But, by any means, even if we are able to dream big, we become susceptible and draw a conclusion that these dreams never convert into reality. Doubts, fear, uncertainty and comfortlessness block our path and dream remains as it is.

But, at the same time … we dream, we dream big.

Here, what we need to do … do something that help us fulfill our dream. It should convert into reality.

Let’s learn an exercise to fulfill our dream.

Just for a moment, let’s imagine that there are no limits. Forget all negatives. Forget your perceptions. Forget about everything … your constraints, obstacles …everything.

Just concentrate for few seconds and think outside the box, think only about your dream. Just think about …what do you like to be or what do you want to do or what is an ideal life that you imagined …like these.

It’s like finding out what in the world you want to get or what you desire most?

List all of them.

And see what are there for you.

Your dream can be anything like eating food in world class restaurants or living like kings in seven star hotels or it could be traveling in a luxurious cruise over Atlantics or spending your winter in natural beauties of Maldives or making an exclusive collection of limited edition of luxurious cars in your garage or building a palace at Palm beach in Dubai or backpacking across the world for an unlimited span of time.

Don’t forget that dreams are limitless. Don’t even try to limit your dreams.

Now your task is to research online about your dream and find out how much business scope is there to start a business online around your dream. See also how much competitive it is. Don’t get bogged down by the big names as your competitors.

If you want to taste the food of class restaurants in your city or your country, go there one by one, enjoy their food, take photos or videos of their signature dishes, keep note of their ambiences, meet their authorities, do interviews, know their history or heritage and write reviews on them on your blog. If you can start doing that and consistently come up with stories on regular basis, people will start listening to you and read your blog. Your blog readers will automatically increase, they read your reviews, follow your recommendations.

At the same time, the owners also like their restaurants to be reviewed by you and ask for a special recommendation for their restaurants on your blog. It is regardless to say that you will naturally be flooded with invitation and become very much busy attending them and making reviews for them. In the process, you will become authority in this market.

Instead of spending money for class foods that you like to taste, you will be paid to review their foods and services. Ultimately your dream sees the reality.

In the same way, you can research on anything that you dream about. Just find out how much scope is there in terms of business and how much competition possibly you face. Chalk out your plan and jump start doing what you dreamed about.

That’s it.

Dream big. Choose your niche… and make it happen!

4. Something New

There is another kind of niche that is absolutely new, which you like to start.

There is something new happening everyday around the world. People are trying new things. You come to know about these new things from people around you or from magazines, newspapers or on the Internet. May be one of these new happenings inspires you and develops your interest. You also like to start doing it. It may be a new hobby, trend, lifestyle, technology or something else you would like to get into.

Normally, this is the way most of the people fall in love with new things.

People from different parts of the world start doing same thing and a new significant market segment evolves out.

A market, which is almost virgin but has an immense potential to grow … is basically a great place to invest or exploit from the business point of view. It is because of the fact that potential market means serious business.

Since, you are just getting started at it yourself having influenced by a new concept or a new thing, you find yourself in the middle of a huge prospective target market where there may be eventually none is much better or stronger than you. There may be a near possibility of not existing of a brand or even a market leader in this new field. You may find yourself almost at the same level with the other people who are also interested in this field.

So, this is a great situation, which puts you in an ideal position, where you can excel much easily. More you explore, more you get benefits in terms of insight and understanding with your market.

As you are in research phase, you are aggressively collecting information on your topic. The good idea is … start sharing all your learning and understanding on your blog. Share your findings, resources and outcomes of various experiments that you do like what works and what doesn’t or what is the best way to do this or that. All this information becomes your prime content of your blog and most importantly people really like this type of content.

Now, the turn is yours…

I already discussed four (4) possible ways to choose a moneymaking niche for your blog. Now, you need to decide with which you like to proceed.

Don’t think that these are theoretical discussions only whether you follow the steps or not, these are the surefire ways to choose a moneymaking niche.

Now, this is your turn. Choose a moneymaking niche and start a profitable blog.

If you really want to start moneymaking blog, you can go throughthis section, where I discussed each and every detail of a successful moneymaking blog step-by-step.

Don’t forget about my blogging resources that you need … to accelerate your success. Here you will find the tools and services that I personally use and recommended by the masters worldwide in this niche whom I follow.

That’s it.

Just make a comment on this blog to let me know the way, which suits you most to select your moneymaking niche.

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A friend in the business,

Debabrata Dhar

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