If you want to win in the coming new year, don’t think just about winning, think about your failure too.

Fear Of Failure might be the Secret of Success in the Coming New Year 2010. It could bring success in your life!

If you don’t recognize your failure that you made, you can’t go forward by overcoming them. You will repeat the same mistakes over and over again and that’s why it is the failure that you need to consider. It can show you the right path of success.

It’s true that success gives you a wonderful experience. It’s a great feeling that everyone wants to be always in. That’s why it is quite understandable that each and every person is running after it.

But success is the rare feeling that you can enjoy it alone or only with your closed ones. You can’t share your success much more with others.

On the other hand failure has much more dimensions. You can avoid those things that brought you failure. You can rectify them and move forward accordingly. You can share it with others and advice them how not to repeat the same mistakes that you made.

Honestly speaking, most of us have the fear of failure. We always have a fear of getting failed and this feeling takes more space of our mind than what we think about to achieve our success. Surely, it is a negative thinking.

But fear of failure make you more focused, more cautious just not to commit the same mistake again but to make you possible to reorganize your thought, belief; emotions and your instinct so that you can reach closure to your success. In this way, fear of failure has much more positive impact on your life.

If you look at me I can say that I am successful to some extent. I am a software professional working for more than a decade for premium software companies and earned a good living from it. I am living with my parents, wife and my little daughter at my two-storied house. Though I agree that I don’t have plenty of money but I am satisfied with it. Right now I have my own company Strategic Technology Solutions that is dedicated to provide business specific software solution to my prestigious clients and also have my own online business.

In my life I faced many failures. I faced many difficulties. I have done many mistakes too. But those mistakes opened my eyes. Whenever I understood that I made a mistake, I tried to rectify it in the future. I learnt from my mistakes. It doesn’t mean that I won’t fail any more – surely I will fail. But I need to get my inspiration and find out the right path of success from my own failures.

There is nothing that teaches better than failure. If you haven’t experience failure you will not learn the importance of failure in your life and if you do not learn, you will never improve. Only failure taught me how to rightly assess myself. Each and every failure showed me the right direction towards success of my life.

Failure shows another important aspect of your life. It shows you to rightly estimate how long you accept your failures. If you are in a job and you are continuously struggling in getting with it, you need to come to a conclusion at one time or another – how much time you should consider trying it. Sometimes it is better to leave it rather than carrying it further.

It is failure that teaches you how to stay more focused and how to become more disciplined and most importantly how to give 100% in your effort in best possible way.

Only the success or achievements are not all about life. Most important thing is the process of achieving it because success comes in long, complicated and hard fought way. You need to remember all of those journeys towards your most desired success. It will not only save you from the same kind of battle but also put you in the right track when you step into an unknown, time consuming and more complicated journey of success.

In my conclusion I can only say that success is not the last word of your life just like failure is not the disaster for you. You need the courage to do the work that frightens you. If there is no fear of failure then there will no need of having courage. So, you should have the fear of failure and it drives you to become brave in achieving your success.

Who knows, Fear of Failure Could Be The Secret Of Your Success!

I think I don’t know everything about the complexity of our mind, success or failure. What is your opinion in this matter? I would like to listen it from you.

Debabrata Dhar

Debabrata Dhar

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