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Is Success Meant For Few People Only Or Can You Achieve It Too?

This is the question that every one of us asks ourselves sometimes in our life.

It is simply because of the fact that all of us are not successful and it becomes more pathetic when we sincerely try to achieve it but in no way we get it.

You see successful people around you everywhere. You see them always in the limelight. When you compare them with yourself and find that there is no basic difference between them and you in all respects then it really hurts.

Does it irritate you? Yes I agree – sometimes it irritates.

If you watch a few successful people closely you will hear the buzz about them. Many people are talking about them, referring their products or sites.

In this media hyped ad dominated world where people are buzzing around only about successful people then you must be feeling scared about the fact that how do you get a place for yourself here in this world?

Where millions of words are written on the net in major social networking and bookmarking sites, thousands of product reviews and video demonstrations are spread over the blogs about successful people and their works – then do some people be there to back a new entrepreneure like you.

What Makes You Feel So Frustrating About Yourself?

If you create a product or a blog, and sincerely try to make a place for yourself then you have an immediate question how to reach your niche people?

  • Does anyone listen to you?
  • Does anyone try to test your way of providing solution to a certain problem? 
  • Does anyone buzz about you?
  • Does anyone write something about your product or blog in major social networking sites?
  • And so on…

Too many questions + No immediate answers = More frustrations

How To Come Out From This Deadlock Situation And Become Successful Online Entrepreneur?

Don’t Envy Successful People

Just cool down – You do no favor yourself just by being jealous to every successful people. They are successful because they started something before you think and came across the long path. – There is no shortcut to success. You must accept it.

Be Passionate

Listen to your passion. Just ask yourself – What is the thing that you love to do for longer hours? What is the thing that always drives you to excel. Just, dive into it and do what you like most and make a difference. Do something that you would be proud of. In a short span of time, you will see yourself far ahead from others.

The World Is For You Too

If so many people are successful in each and every field without being too much different from yourself then it works for you too. Just focus on doing your basics right and have a hunger in doing well in your work. You can do it. Accept it and take actions.

Be Simple

You don’t need to try too hard to get your success. As everything came naturally to your life, success will also come in the same way.

Enjoy small achievements. If you can’t recognize your small achievements then how do you relish your big achievements? Success does not mean that you are in the moon. It is here in your feeling when you are normal in your life enjoying small beautiful moments with your family or closed friends. So be as simple as you can.

Be Yourself

In a recent post Darren Rowse said in his blog -

For me the key is not to be put off by the achievements of others but to focus upon who you are and how you can be useful to others

Learn from those who are already successful, who made the right plunge first. But don’t imitate them. Be YOU everywhere in your creation and behind the screen. Establish yourself as your brand.

Keep On Doing Right Thing At The Right Time In The Right Way

Yes, it is absolutely true. Know your strength, anticipate your opportunities, find out right path and work out right steps and start working accordingly at the right time. It will help you deliver your product valuable and timely to your people.

Accept The Challenge

Don’t get bogged down. Not getting success for a long period of time creates pressure in mind. But, be prepare to accept your failure too because success and failure are just two different mindsets.

If you see failure as the phase when you actually worked hard to achieve your success then you will understand that failure teaches you most of the unknown secrets of your success. Without failure you cant’ learn most of the hard and complicated things in your life.

So, don’t fear of failure, accept the challenge and move forward.

Back Yourself

Each and every moment of your life is only yours. Whatever you have done in the past has been the demand of that time in your life. It could be right or wrong. Don’t regret for that. Just back yourself and move forward with the right attitude.


Success is not for all. Though it is unfortunate, it is true.

Nevertheless, you need to see the other side. If you compare with a group of ten people only then you find that you are better than at least a few of them. That means you are not at the bottom of the lot. Try to accept it.

And if you move forward towards success and take some actions, you will cross another few of them too. So, it is the mind that tells you that you are more successful than at least a few other people.

Just move forward with right attitude, be constructive and create something of your own – you will feel successful. Make another short move … another move … and so on. You will feel more comfortable than you were before and this kind of short achievements makes your life more beautiful.

Just keep your life simple. Keep on setting a goal and complete it. Success is inevitable.

What do you think in this context? Is Success meant for few people only or can you achieve it too? Write your comment on this.

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Your friend in the business,

Debabrata Dhar

Debabrata Dhar

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