Darren Rowse, the man behind the most successful blog Problogger.net, arranged a live training program Problogger Training Event, which will be held on 13th and 14th September 2013 on the Gold Coast (Quinsland, Australia).

He made an arrangement of 450 seats for this event, but unfortunately all of them were booked two months ago.

In the mean time, he got thousands of requests from around the world to make a way to accommodate them in this event physically or give them access to this training with some kind of virtual pass.

In response to those requests, he has made an alternative arrangement called Problogger Training Event Virtual Pass for those people who could not make it in person but don’t want to miss it.

His Virtual Pass is designed to be the closest possible thing to actually being there live at this sold out event.

Problogger Training Event in Gist

The live Problogger Training Event happens on 13-14 September – Eastern Australian time. (You can calculate your time using time zone)

If you want to know how to tap into the business building power of YouTube marketing to get tons of free website traffic to your website and turn that traffic into leads … this blog post is right for you.

Jeff Johnson just opened up the doors of the newest version of his best selling private membership training program Tube Traffic Secrets.

It’s all about how to build your email list, brand and business by tapping the marketing power of YouTube.

Jeff is world famous online entrepreneur as well as an amazing teacher. He is also known for his other best selling training programs – Non Stop Traffic Formula, Super Affiliate Coaching Club and Traffic Voodoo etc.

Free website traffic & leads from youtube

Now, Jeff came with his newest version of his successful training program Tube Traffic Secrets.

We already know that it’s the age of video. Video is now dominating the online market because of its extra edge over other forms of contents and that’s why YouTube is becoming one of the fastest and easiest medium to grow your business.

Number of searches in YouTube is increasing rapidly. Top ranking search results in major search engines are YouTube contents for almost all searches.

That’s why most of the successful product and service providers, marketers, bloggers, and online entrepreneurs are emphasizing on producing videos for YouTube as their best marketing efforts.

Have you yet taken the advantage of YouTube video marketing?

If not, shift your focus towards YouTube. Otherwise you’ll be missing the opportunity of huge benefit, that your competitors driving away everyday from you.

But, there is a twist…

In a recent interview with Yaro Starak self-tought SEO expert Court Tuttle of The Keyword Academy explains how to select keywords to make real profit online.

Courtney’s key technique of making profit online is to rank his websites or pages number one in major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing to get free and targeted traffic from them.

In his interview he mentioned that he mainly focuses on long tail keyword phrases that have less competition. He normally uses long tail keyword phrases for the purpose of targeting specific needs of specific group of people instead of trying to rank his websites or pages for the most competitive keywords.

Ultimately it becomes lot easier for him to rank them well in the major search engines.

As a result of his strategy he usually gets a certain volume of free but targeted search engine traffic to his websites and pages.

He uses that traffic to monetize his websites or pages by using Google Adsense, Yahoo Publisher Network Ads and other money making means like affiliate program by blending them intelligently with effective and quality content for his searcher.

He also described how he actually does the research to find out the right keyword phrases for his web pages. If you download his free report How to Really Make $5000 Per Month Online from his website, you will easily understand his brainstorming techniques that he uses to pick up the winning keyword phrases.

He uses Google Adword Tool for his research. It’s a free tool. In this tool, three things that play the most important role in his research are Competition, Global Monthly Search or number of searches per month and Approximate CPC (Cost Per Click), which is the amount that advertisers pay Google in order to buy a click.

If a keyword has zero searches, you will not get any traffic from it even if you rank first for it in Google. On the other hand, if a keyword gets 100,000 searches and if its CPC is zero, Google will pay you nothing even if you rank first for it in Google. So judging a keyword is little bit complicated.

How to Judge the Value of a Keyword Phrase?

Today Pawan Agarwal of MaxBlogPress.com announced probably the best Christmas Deal 2012 for bloggers and online entrepreneurs like you specifically who didn’t yet take the advantage of his premium marketing, traffic getting and money making tools to optimize online business.

Pawan is a successful blogger and online marketer and he is one of my friends for years. He personally told me that today he came with an exclusive offer as one of the best Christmas deal for 2012.

His offer is a package of his 4 premium products … and the deal is … get the whole package at a flat 70% off.

In my opinion …this could be the best deal for bloggers and online entrepreneurs who want to secure the best blog marketing tools this year. This Christmas deal is available to you till 25th December midnight only. So, you need to hurry and take your action within a couple of days.

These are the proven products that are already used and recommended by thousands of bloggers, online entrepreneurs and marketers and it is proved by the highest level of returns they got. I also highly rate his tools and plugins. That’s why, these products are already there on my recommended blogging resource page.

If you had to buy these products individually you’d expect to pay a minimum $338.00 for unlimited license and $158.00 for single user license.

But today, you can grab his all 4 premium products and get instant access for only $101 for unlimited license and $47 for single user license … It is just one-time investment for you.

Don’t forget – all of them are updated versions and you will be informed about all updates and upgrades.

Let’s see what will you get in this MaxBlogPress Christmas Deal?

Product 1: MaxBlogPress Subscribers Magnet

Best Christmas Deal 2012 For Bloggers & Online Entrepreneurs

This is an ultimate plugin for bloggers who wants double or triple and even quadruple the number of subscribers to his WordPress blog or website, without getting any additional traffic. Individual price of this product is $97.

Today Blogging Mughal John Chow along with one of the finest young blogger Peng Joon launched a five-figure monthly income blog blueprint Blogging with John Chow.

This is step-by-step proven blogging system straight from the blogging maestro John Chow!

Step-by-step Proven Blogging System - Make Money Blogging

In this mega launch he finally reveals the secret step-by-step guide, which he personally followed to establish himself as a super blogger, and became synonymous with the term make money online.

Lets’ have a look … Who is John Chow?

I think John Chow needs no introduction. He is one of the legend blogger blogging for years earning millions of dollars from his blogs. Probably he is the best person to show the world by his consistent performance … how to make money blogging.

His success proves his competence.

One of his blogs makes him $40,000 a month, which means … over half a million in a year! Isn’t it an incredible result from a blog?

It’s not the end of his achievement.

For the last five years he helped over 182,217 people spanning the globe to become successful in making money online. It has been proved by these lucky guys’ success stories.

His acceptance by the people all over the world proves what he exactly is. So, don’t be overwhelmed by his stats of success.

He has over 97K twitter follower, 140K of blog subscribers and more than 100K opt-ins to his email list.

He has been featured in various publications such as New York Times, The Globe and Mail as well as Entrepreneur and BC Business Magazines.

He is a celebrity in TV channels too. He has been featured on popular television programs such as Breakfast Television, Lab with Leo and Vancouver 24 Hour.

And most recently he won the 2012 Affiliate Marketing Awards for Best Blog.

Form his testimonials, his dominance over the market and his highest level of consistent blogging performance we could conclude that there is possibly none other than John Chow could be the best mentor for your blogging success or online marketing success.

How Blogging with John Chow was born?

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