Pagematic Inc. review: Pay for professional web hosting, get email marketing free!

If you already have determined to start your profitable blog …here is an excellent opportunity to take your first step forward.

You already know that a professional blog requires at least two essential services:

  • The first service that you need is a web host where you host your blog and
  • The second thing is an email marketing service that you need to publish your own email newsletter and accept subscribers.

Without the above two main services nothing is going to happen. A real professional blogger or online entrepreneur mainly puts his or her blog or website on a web host and starts email newsletter to accept subscribers from day one of his or her online business. These subscribers are actually your future prospects.

The main reason behind this … all real successful online moneymakers use one secret to make money online. Though, this is no more secret. It is already proved from the experience of almost all successful online businesses so far that …money is in the list.

That’s why they continuously put efforts to build their subscribers list. They place subscription forms on their websites, blogs, squeeze pages, landing pages and social media pages so that people can subscribe to their email newsletters and as a token of thanks, they give away free content such as an ebook, report, tool or anything else to their subscribers.

You must understand that this free content that you give away to your subscribers should really be helpful to them otherwise they don’t get interested to subscribe your newsletter. Sometimes it is evident that some of these free gifts or give away content are more valuable than a product or service that people purchase.

So, whatever strategies are proven to be successful, you need to simply follow them. You don’t need to reinvent anything.

So, the basic is … create your blog or website first and then start your online newsletter. This is the simple but effective online money making system, which worked well in the past, works well in the present and will work well in the future as well.

So, what exactly will you need to do?

Here are the steps for you

Select one reliable web host.

If you think of setting up a blog, you first need to find a reliable, high performing hassle free web host with excellent customer support. Otherwise your life is going to be miserable for sure. So, in my opinion, selecting a web host is most important. In this case, my favourite is BlueHost. It is one of the best hosts with competitive hosting packages and features. It is used and recommended by the top bloggers and website owners from all corners of the world including me. You can take advantage of the BlueHost $6.95 deal, which includes a free domain name.

Select one professional email marketing and list management service

An efficient email management system provides you all-in-one solution in effective email marketing from a single easy-to-use interface. It provides you tools for producing professional email signup form on your blog pages, accepting new subscribers to your email list, automatically following up your list of subscribers with pre-written autoresponders series and broadcasting your important messages to your lists whenever you require. There is an excellent stand alone service called Aweber, which provides you all of the above (If you like, you can take a glimpse of my review on Aweber).You can get started today with Aweber for just $1.

So, if you are determined to start your profitable blog, you can start with the above two premium and reliable services i.e. BlueHost for web hosting and Aweber for your email marketing.

An Alternative – One Combined Solution provides Both the Services for the Cost of One

With my all respect to both of the above services, here, I am introducing a third option for you. This is one company called Pagematic that provides you both the services.

That means – you pay just for web hosting and get email list management and marketing system completely free.

The best thing about their offer is … you will get both services for the cost of only one under single package. A single package starts from only $5, which is ridiculously less than that you can even think of.

Pagematic Inc. review: Pay for professional web hosting, get email marketing free!

After registration, when you get the access to the Cpanel or control panel of your websire, you will find it very easy to install WordPress on your site. When installation is over, your blog is ready to start.

Now, your second task is to start your newsletter.

Pagematic provides certain number of pro autoresponders depending on the package you choose.

These pro auto responders are actually like other professional autoresponders such as Aweber. They are the functional units of your email list management and marketing system.

You need to configure these pro autoresponders to create your email marketing system that provides signup form, accepts your newsletter subscribers and delivers them your prewritten messages. These messages are basically content, which can be anything like series of information, offer, advice, promotion of your products or others’ products.

Using these pro autoresponders you can set up upto one hundred of prewritten messages as the content of your newsletter in text format or in the form of html page and you can schedule them according to your plan. When a person subscribes to your newsletter using your signup form, he will receive your prewritten messages on your schedule directly to his inbox. Once your autoresponder is ready, it will work automatically for every subscriber joins your email list.

Even people can subscribe to your newsletter in the form of RSS Feed.

You can broadcast any message at any time to all of your subscribers or a part of them.

Here is in the figure below where you will find Pagematic’s comprehensive hosting plan. In this plan, you will find different packages such as Starter, Merchant, Professional etc. available for you. You can choose one of them.

Pagematic Inc. hosting plan

Each package includes WordPress, which you need to install on your website to start your blog. But number of Pro Autoresponders you will get, actually varies depending on the package that you choose. These pro autoresponders are required to start your newsletters. Sometimes more than one newsletter are required for different purposes such as …one for general subscribers, one for your customers, one for your affiliates etc.


Pagematic can be an excellent alternative to BlueHost and Aweber if you want to minimize your monthly expenditure in the initial phase of your online career. It is simply because of the fact that it provides you both the essential services combined in one package i.e. professional web hosting and email marketing and the best part is … you can have these two premium services for the cost of only $5 per month, which I think you can afford even in your awful economic condition.

You can check it out without taking any risk on your part because it comes with unconditional 30 days money back guarantee.

In the next two posts, I would like to come out with details in step-by-step to show you how quickly and easily you can setup your blog as well as setup an automated email-marketing system in your blog using Pagematic web hosting package.

If you find this post useful … please feel free to make your comment below. A Facebook like or a tweet from you will inspire me a lot. I can’t ask you more than that.

Debabrata Dhar

Debabrata Dhar

Update: Now, two extensive tutorials with full of pictorial representation that I promised in this post have been published for you. Here they are:

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