Recently top online marketer Russel Brunson arranged a special live webinar Secret of Pay-Per-Click Millionaire with Joel Peterson.

In this webinar Joel reveals the secrets of getting over 6 billions of ad impressions in just one month. Please notice his exact figure, that was 6,372,399,989 ad impressions in a month!


He also revealed his secrets on how to turn that traffic into cash like this:

Honestly speaking, it was the most informative webinar in 2010.

Here in this webinar, Joel has revealed an innovative formula of getting massive traffic to his website.

The Secret of Massive Cheap PPC Traffic in his opinion is as follows:

Targeted Keyword Research /Analytics
Lots of Keyword Targeted Ads
Keyword Targeted Banner Ads
Massive Cheap Traffic

The above Secret of Massive Cheap PPC Traffic is based on 2-line mantra:

  • A few ads will get you little traffic
  • Thousands of ads will give you LOTS of traffic

He continuously sends this targeted massive cheap traffic to his own program or other selected affiliate program to create his multimillion-dollar income stream.

The secret of his huge traffic generation involves few steps:

  • He uses keyword research tools to create lots of targeted keywords even thousands of keywords for his ad campaigns.
  • Then he creates thousands of text ads and banner ads using those thousands of targeted keywords.
  • He uses search marketing and content marketing services to place his thousands of keyword rich text ads and banner ads.

All of these targeted traffic generation efforts enables him to create massive sales of his own products and that of others’ products.

In his opinion the best-paid options of ad placements are:

  • Google Adwords
  • Yahoo Search Marketing
  • PPV (Pay Per View) Traffic
  • Facebook
  • Media buys

Now the BIG question is – how does he manage all of these time consuming efforts single handedly?

  • Using keyword research tools for each products
  • Creating thousands of targeted keywords
  • Creating thousands of text ads based on targeted keywords
  • Creating thousands of banner ads based on targeted keywords
  • Finding niche based content sites (domain names)
  • Placing those ads into niche based content sites
  • Placing those ads into Google Adwords, Yahoo Search Marketing and all other paid options

In this webinar he revealed the secrets of automating all of his efforts. He uses a tool called Keyword Rockstar created by Jon Shugart that automates all of his time consuming efforts to smooth his massive traffic generation process.

What is Keyword RockStar?

Keyword Rockstar is new cutting edge software with technology that churns out massive in-depth market and keyword research data, and then builds profitable PPC text and image campaigns one after the other, even in the most competitive niches… All at the press of a button!

Few Important Features of Keyword Rockstar

In Joel’s view Keyword Rockstar is the ultimate solution to keyword research automation and PPC domination. Here are few important features of it:

  • It finds thousands of potentially profitable keywords for any niche or affiliate offer.
  • It finds some additional data like Google Trends, KeywordSpy Info, SpyFu Info, Google search results, Yahoo search rsults, MSN Live search results, Quantcast info and Alexa traffic info for a keyword or URL.
  • It spies on your competitors by collecting ads on first page on Google for each of the keywords.
  • It finds every potentially targeted site or domain on 3 major search engines for a placement targeted PPC campaign for each keyword.
  • It finds out the perfect available domain name to start SEO or your landing page campaign.
  • It locates all of the top places on Google, Yahoo and MSN that you can target for your Adwords placement targeted campaigns.
  • It quickly generates your campaigns with text ads and image ads in every size for Adwords and Content network placement
  • You can set up your campaign with both text and image ads by including all of the placements, giving it a campaign name and a bid price.
  • It quickly builds highly themed ad groups for Adwords search network campaigns with all your keywords.
  • It generates your campaign output to directly import into Adwords editor.
  • It saves your time by running multiple projects at the same time.
  • It stores your useful data on your local computer.

You also get lots of useful training video to quickly and easily start and use Keyword Rockstar to get massive traffic to your own sites or the sites that you are affiliate.

Ultimately all of us know – what massive targeted traffic means to us It makes massive sales that all of us looking for!

What Is the Cost Of Keyword Rockstar?

You pay $337 initially and after 30 days you have to pay $97 for each month as long as you wish to use it. As long as your are member you will get all the updates automatically.


I think – this is by far the best technique that Joel Peterson reveals – Use his simple formula to get targeted massive cheap traffic to your websites or affiliate sites and make quick and easy sales to earn lots of money on the net.

If you want all of your effort should be done automatically, it is better to use Jon Shugart’s amazing tool Keyword Rockstar and use it as soon as possible to achieve an easy smooth success in your Internet business.

If this information is helpful to you, please feel free to comment on this post. Checkout Keyword Rockstar because it is ultimately a great tool to use for keyword research automation and automated PPC domination.

Your friend in the business,

Debabrata Dhar

Debabrata Dhar

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