Minimum steps to start profitable blog & make money online!

This section is added to this blog to show you exactly what are the minimum steps to start profitable blog & how to make money online from it!

I got my blogging success following some real specific steps, which might be different from other successful people. But these steps provided me awesome results that I was looking for and blessed me the life of a proud online entrepreneur.

I’m here to tell you the same real steps that I followed to get awesome results from my blog because I want YOU to experience the same results without repeating the same mistakes that I made.

Remember that these steps are NOT false get rich quick hypes. They are not going to make you rich overnight for sure. You may face struggle. It may not be easy for you. Sometimes it may happen that you will want to give it up (like I did several times), but it is possible if you are committed to take actions.

Here I’ll do my best to guide you and give you the right information and real guidelines step-by-step. But, finally whether you will succeed or not totally depends on you.

I hope it could be the right path to your blogging success. But remember that the journey is yours. Ultimately, YOU are the person to decide… whether you follow it or not…

Let’s start with …

The Minimum Steps to Start Your Profitable Blog

Be Committed

First of all, decide first whether you really want to build a profitable blog or not. If YES, then you need to COMMIT yourself that you are going to build your own profitable blog in any circumstance. If you are not, forget about it.

Commitment is the KEY that you require when you are ready to start your new venture. Without it, you can’t progress, can’t overcome hurdles or mental blocks that you face throughout your starting phase.

Take Actions

If you are already committed to build your profitable blog, you need to take a lot of actions one by one in quick succession. Without actions your dream project will remain in your dream. It will never see the daylight.

At the start, you must have some definite goals, projects and other to-do items in your hand. But, it’s very much common that you get stuck too long in thinking and planning everything in a chaotic manner. Result is – everything remains half done and nothing is fully done. The main reason could be anything like technical inconvenience, emotional or mental block, confusion, feeling uncomfortable or fear of failure.

Here you need your mental strength. You must stick to your commitment and try to overcome the blocks that stop you taking actions. Ultimately you need to cross the barrier between merely thinking about what you want and actually making it happens.

In these situations I suggest one simple technique for you. Simply divide a complicated task into a set of simple tasks and finish them one by one as quickly as possible. Ultimately you will see one major task finished. Repeat the same technique to complete your each and every task in your hand. This technique helped me a lot and I hope it will work for you too.

Find Your Money Making Niche

It can be simply said in other way – Find your niche.

Instead of that, I emphasize on the keyword Moneymaking niche. It is mainly because of the fact that your aim is just not to create a blog; your aim is to build a profitable blog, which is only possible if your blog makes money.

How can you make money blogging?

You can make money by providing solution to a need of a substantially large group of people who use Internet to find that solution and they are ready to spend money to meet that need.

So, a perfect moneymaking niche for you could be a NEED or WANT of a substantially large group of people and you have a SOLUTION for it.

When they get the solution from you, they pay you for it.

Now the next question is – How to identify a perfect moneymaking niche for you?

A perfect money making niche could be your knowledge or / and skills on a specific topic or subject or interest that has a sufficient demand in the market and most importantly you feel confident, comfortable, and motivated to perform the required activities every day with full of enthusiasm to provide the solution to satisfy that demand even it requires hard work.

That’s all about identifying a perfect niche I can say.

This whole process can be divided into finding 3 things:

  • Your strength – what you really know about so that you are confident enough to help other people on that. 
  • Your passion – what you enjoy most and ready to do it every day even it requires hard work.
  • Market’s demand – what is the need / want of a specific market segment (a group of people) that you can provide in exchange of money.

If all your 3 findings boil down to one specific topic or subject or interest or skill then it can be said that you have found perfect money-making niche.

You simply start searching or researching your strength.

Here is an example:

Suppose your strength or passion is “back yard gardening”, which is slightly different from a general topic “gardening” and it demands specific knowledge and skills. Now, search or research your topic in the context of people’s need. Find exactly what people are looking for on this topic and ready to pay for it. Rearrange your strength in such a way that you can produce the result and satisfy their need in terms of solution and make money from it.

You can use major search engines to research about your topic. Google AdWords tool is also good in this context.

Or you can check out Adam Shot’s Niche Profit Classroom $1 deal to master yourself in niche business. Here is my Niche Profit Classroom review.

Now you need to take a few quick actions

Register a Domain Name and Setup Your Website

A domain name is your business name or your website name. You need to register a unique domain name and host your website or blog (a blog is also a website) with that domain name on a web host.

This name should clearly be relevant and related to your blog topic or the solution that you are going to provide to your niche.

Here are the steps:

  • First you choose your unique domain name. It will be like or or any country specific name for example for Australia or for India etc if your topic is specifically relevant to a particular country.
  • The next two tasks are to register your domain name and to host your website. The two services are normally provided by two separate entities and both of them are chargeable. For domain registration you need to spend around $15 to $20 per year and for web hosting, you require $10 to $15 a month.

But I recommend you to take advantage of the Bluehost $6.95 deal, which includes a free domain name.

There are so many web-hosting companies. A few of them are very good too. But to eliminate your confusion I want you to stick to Bluehost. It is one of the best hosts with competitive hosting packages and features. It is used and recommended by the top bloggers and website owners spreading around the world.

And the best reason of selecting Bluhost is that they’ve always been very reliable, and whenever you have any questions, they always respond quickly to answer and help you out.

Click the banner below to grab Bluehost $6.95 deal!

Install Wordpress is the best blog publishing platform. It is free and easily customizable. My blog runs on WordPress. But you don’t have to download WordPress from its website.

Log into your website control panel with the username and password given to you by Bluehost.

Once you log into your control panel, you will get Wordpress under Software/Services. Choose WordPress and follow the instructions to install your WordPress blog. That’s it.

Choose Your WordPress Blog Theme

A theme is the professional face of YOU behind the screen and functional structure of your blog. It represents YOU and your business in front of your potential customers.

As your aim is to create a profitable blog, you need to stand out from the crowd in your niche. It demands ultimate professionalism. Amateurish approach does not work.

You should understand that a person is never get impressed by an unprofessional and sloppy designed blog or website. A visitor never makes a purchase decision on it even if it provides the best product or service or content. Even, you won’t.

So, your aim should be creating a blog, which will have a professional look and it is functionally sound.

There are plenty of free WordPress themes out there on the web. You can select one of them.

But, there is an option called Thesis. It gives you the best professionally designed WordPress blog themes with plenty of functional options for configuration. 

It includes hassle-free point-and-click add-on functionality, drag and drop customizing options and essential tools for SEO. It has been optimized for performance, search engines, mobile devices and people. Most importantly you can customize your blog design and functionalities according to your requirements without taking the challenge of coding a single line. A one time investment $87 on Thesis single user license is enough to solve your entire problem regarding blog design and functionalities.

Click this banner below to access Thesis single user license!

Thesis Theme for WordPress:  Options Galore and a Helpful Support Community

Start Creating Content

Money is in the content -Yes, it is absolutely true.

That’s why the essential part of a profitable blog is content and the content should be based on keyword phrases, which are perfectly relevant to your blog topic.

Here is the secret to quick success with your blog content: 

The easiest way to win over thousands of toughest competitors in your niche is to produce content that stands out from billions of pages found online. It’s not just creating good content. It’s creating outstanding and inspiring content or premium content that’s powered with value.

Here my single-line advice is: Go beyond good content – aim for awesome content.

Here are the simple strategies for a profitable blog:

  • Create premium blog content with comprehensive information resources for your readers.
  • Create free give away reports or ebooks that address your readers need. (Here your newsletter will play a big role. Ask your people to get your offer free when they subscribe to your newsletter. I will come to it in the next step)
  • Create valuable products or services that really help your people and ask them to buy.

So, from your first post, try to create premium content for your prospective readers so that your content essentially satisfy their need and provide solution to their problems.

Here are some essential blog posts regarding premium blog content. Read through all of them to have a clear idea on what premium content is all about.

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Blog Content Strategy – Important Characteristics Of Premium Blog Content!

Blog Content Strategy – How To Write Premium Blog Content?

Use Perfect Blogging Psychology To Make Your Blog Successful!

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Start Your Newsletter

Money is in the list – Yes, it becomes myth in online business.

With the development of new technologies, many new money making channels have been evolved. But email newsletter always remains top moneymaker. It is the key to making big money online, so the sooner you start, the better it is for you.

I strongly suggest you to start your email newsletter from day one along with your blog as well. It will quickly build your list.

Create a give away report or ebook that essentially address your readers’ need and ask them to subscribe to your newsletter to get your offer free. If your report or ebook contains real value for your readers, the list of subscribers will grow fast automatically. And remember that those people will stay in touch with you to get whatever offer you have for them.

I have my newsletter Net Profit Magic and it is growing fast. I publish valuable information, resources, advice, tips, technology upgrades and others’ products or services as my recommendation on my newsletter. My subscribers love it. They act on my recommendation. I make money from it. It is as simple as that.

I literally get few sales transactions in my inbox everyday, because my email newsletter makes the trick. It is not the sales pitch but the trust I built makes the trick for me.

Here is an open invitation for you too. I’d like you to subscribe to my newsletter, which is full of exclusive content that you cannot find here on my blog. There is another benefit for subscribing it. You can closely look and feel how a quality newsletter is built and how it actually works.

Start your newsletter with AWeber. You can try it with $1 only. 

Why AWeber?

AWeber comes with user-friendly web-based interface with certain useful tools and unique functionalities that make your life easy to quickly build your email list and stay in touch with your profitable prospects and customers for 24×7.

Click the banner below to try Aweber with $1 only.

Monetize Your Blog

This is the most important step of this guide – how to build a profitable blog?

It can be said in other words… how to monetize your blog?

You appreciate it or not – it is the hardest part.

Not everyone tried blogging made money from it. Only few of them succeeded. So, you will have to go through the same path – the hardest part.

But, I already told you in this guide – it is NOT impossible. If I could do it, plenty of other bloggers did it, why can’t you?

You can do it too.

But, it does not happen overnight. It demands lots of hard work and specific actions to be taken at the right time in the right way.

If you are serious about making money online and want to live laptop lifestyle, you need to be committed to take actions step-by-step that I already mentioned in the above steps in this guide. I don’t want to repeat them all again.

At the same time you need to try different money making streams on your blog.

Here I revealed those money-making streams that I have been trying and testing on my blog to generate money for me continuously. These are also the proven methods that are fully or partly used by most of top bloggers too.

Before you go them through, you need to keep in mind that each blog is unique; one differs with another in making money online. Some of the following income streams work a lot better on some blogs and some of them in some others. The key is to experiment with each of them and see what work best for you.

1. Affiliate Program

Affiliate programs are products and services that other people produce and you market them on your blog or website in front of your audience, when people buy those products or subscribe to those services from your affiliate links you will earn commissions for the sales made by you.

Affiliate link is a special URL or link created for you by the producer. It identifies your reference when a sell is made.

Commissions vary from 10% to 60% or even more depending on the products or services.

There is another kind of affiliate programs – called continuity programs.

People need one or more services continuously to run their business. For example: web hosting, email service or membership site – people need this service continuously to keep their websites or blogs up. When you are affiliate to such continuous services and people subscribe to these services from your affiliate link you make recurring money.

Affiliate programs are really good source of money for me. I run verity of affiliate programs on my blog. Most of them are low priced items and a few of them are high-priced too.

But the bottom line is they are relevant to my niche and of unquestionable quality.

For example, I recommend Bluehost web hosting, Awber list management service, Thesis WordPress theme, Adam Shot’s Nich Profit Classroom, Yaro Starak’s Blog Mastermind coaching program, Darren Rowse’s 31 Days to Build a Better Blog and others.

The great aspect of these programs is that they are of such high quality that they sell themselves. I don’t need to try too much.

So, my advice is – select affiliate programs of exceptional quality just not to make money but to provide more to solve your readers’ problem.

2. Ad Space for Sponsorship

Selling ad space directly to advertisers or getting sponsorship for your blog is a good way of earning passive income.

125 x 125 ads on side bar and 300 x 250 ad on side bar or at the end of each blog post work well for blogs, which have a reasonable amount of targeted traffic. 468 x 60 ad space between blog posts is also a good preference for advertisers.

Advertisers generally prefer two kinds of sites for placing their advertisements.

The first kind is popular sites or blogs such as Facebook, and others. They are big, and they have massive flow of online traffic irrespective of niches. The advantage of advertising on these sites is – here advertisers can publish their products or services in front of large audience. It helps them establish their brand value very quick.

The second kind is niche sites or blogs, which doesn’t have that amount of traffic but their legitimate amount of traffic are niche specific and they are laser targeted. Here the advantage of advertising on these sites is – the advertisers quickly find their prospective buyers.

As you are starting your blog, it will be new and small compared to the established sites. Here your target should be creating a blog of second kind, which is specific to a niche. Even a small amount of traffic to your blog will be laser targeted. It will satisfy your advertisers need and at the same time it will serve your people’s need too. In this case, both the advertisers as well as your readers will be benefited.

Now the question is – what will you charge for an ad on your blog?

An established blog or website with reasonable amount of targeted traffic normally charge $250, $300 or even $500 a month for a 125 x 125 ad. If advertisers find the deal beneficial they are ready to pay even more.

My blog is not that much big – But I have a steady flow of small amount of targeted traffic every month. So, I don’t ask people for $250 or $300 per month for a 125 x 125 ad space. But advertisers are gladly giving me $50 for a 125 x 125 ad. I normally accept maximum of eight 125 x 125 ads on my sidebar. For details you can visit my Blog Advertise Page.

In the initial phase of your blog, when there is not much traffic, you won’t find advertisers to be interested in placing ads on your blog. But, don’t get depressed. Here you have the opportunity of placing ads of products or services that you are affiliated to. It is even better option. When people buy products or services clicking your ads, you will earn affiliate commissions. These commissions when summed up will become much more than the advertising charge that you fixed.

In this case, you do one thing – select only those items, which could be your readers’ need. Items just like anything will not serve your purpose.

I also use this method on my blog when advertising spaces are left unutilized.

3. Google AdSense

Google Adsense for publishers is a good option for earning few hundred extra dollars. It is click-based program or PPC (Pay Per Click) program. When a person clicks on an ad you get a percentage from Google.

Some intelligent bloggers or publishers cleverly blend text based AdSense ads with their content to maximize their AdSense earning. Sometimes their incomes exceed tens of thousands of dollars only from AdSense. But they are exceptional. Initially you don’t even think of that amount. Image based AdSense ads like 300 x 250 also work reasonably well for some blogs.

Maximizing AdSense earning mainly depends on three factors.

The first factor is traffic – the more traffic you have the more clicks you get and obviously the more money you earn.

The second factor is selection of keyword specific ads. If you can optimize AdSense ads based on main keywords for a particular web page or blog page it will automatically provide keyword-matching ads on that page. The more relevant ads to your page content are placed, the more people are expected to click those ads.

The last factor is placement of ads. It depends on the blog topic or blog niche. Sometimes text based ads perfectly blended with your page content work best if your content is mainly text. For some blogs, image based ads or video based ads work well if your blog contains multimedia content.

You need to test yourself which form of ads and placement works best for you.

4. Chitika

Chitika is another pay per click program. It is continuously growing and many websites and blogs are generating exceptional revenue using Chitika ads. The concept of selecting and placing Chitika ads is as same as Google AdSense.

You can try keyword specific text based ads combined with your blog content. They also have Premium ad units, which work best if your blog is mainly product related.

Right now, I am not using Google AdSense and Chitika on my main blog and website mainly because of the fact that my other income streams like my product and a few other selective products and services to which I am affiliated to are doing very well compared to these PPC programs. That’s why my focus slightly shifted. But Chitika is continuously doing well in one of my resource related subdomain.

5. Amazon Associates

Amazon is the large marketplace nowadays. You can use Amazon Associate Program to cater a varied range of products to your blog readers. Select best products, which are beneficial to your targeted audience and cater them with your recommendation. Best ploy would be – use a product yourself first and then recommend it to your readers.

Amazon’s offer works best on special events like Christmas, New Year etc.

6. Your Own Product

There is nothing better than having your own products or services to sell to your own people. It is the best possible income stream that you should look for, as your target is to build a profitable blog.

But, at the starting phase of your blog, it may not be easy.

What you can do is – Take the actions in order that I already discussed here. Create premium blog content, build your reader base, satisfy your readers’ need, make them happy, ask them subscribe to your newsletter, build your list, use blog monetization techniques that explained here, start earning money.

Get comfortable with your blogging and monetizing activities. When things become easy and you become enriched with required knowledge, skills and experience, try to understand what people want from you or what you can offer to them as extended benefit. Create an ebook or ecourse on that for your people and offer it to them for a small fee. If your people are satisfied with your blog, most of them are going to get your extended offer even at the cost of a small amount of money.

If your first product gets a reasonable success or a grand success, or even a failure try to create another. It could be another ebook, or a video course or an audio course or a membership site that your people love to have.

So, it is nothing impossible for you. But you can’t jump to the last step without starting from step one and without going through all of the intermediate steps. You need to be committed to go through every step taking proper actions at proper time.

Socialize with People

Socializing simply means making friends. In this case your friends are your blog readers, newsletter subscribers, other bloggers, competitors in your niche and famous people, online entrepreneurs and marketers in other niches too.

It is because – you need their help, they also need your help. But you need to be proactive to make friends online because you are here to make a profitable blog. Without real people it is impossible. You need real people as you blog readers, visitors, customers and business partners.

People meeting online with a certain purpose are not virtual; they are real human beings behind the screen. You need to interact with them. You need to share your feeling, beliefs, thoughts, knowledge, skills, success, failure and real life experience with them. You need to know everything about them too. Otherwise people won’t know who you are and why you are.

Initially make friendship with your blog readers. Answer every question they ask, acknowledge every reply or comment they make on your blog, ask for further assistance if they need, ask for suggestions, show you care and respect each of them.

Search who are top blogger, entrepreneurs, marketers in your same niche, visit their blogs and websites regularly, make timely sensible and thoughtful comments on their blogs, let them acquainted with you.

If you find others’ blog posts informative, acknowledge them quickly. Then think about what more you can produce to get an extra edge over them and add an additional value to your own content. Challenge yourself and come out with solutions. Write a new post and ask them for their feedbacks.

As you continue doing it, things will become easy for you.

Remember one thing that success does not come overnight. But this kind of interaction makes you feel happy, makes you grow your confidence. It will definitely be reflected on your future posts.

Steadily you will gain an expertise over your subject. People will listen to you. People will talk about you. People will respect you. They will take actions according to your recommendations. Automatically everything starts moving, money start flowing.

This is an age of social networking. Now social networking sites are real game maker. They are making things happen. Marketing has reached its next level using them. You can’t ignore their power.

So, use the power of social networking sites to market yourself and your brand to the next level. Use Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Linkedin and others to announce your work, acknowledge others’ work to establish your strong presence.

When your social presence become strong, you’ll be familiar and respectable face in your niche and even your competitors will show their respect to you. They respect your comment about them. You will become an authority.

Additional Information about Blogging

You have already reached almost at the end. But, here I selected a few articles from my blog that help you understand more about blogging from different angles. These articles provide you an overall estimation about a real profitable blog and its diversity in content. I want YOU to read through all of them to enrich yourself about professional blogging.

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What’s Next?

The next step is quite easy. When everything moves smooth, money flow becomes smoother irrespective of all adverse situation.

But there is always scope for improvement. I am confident that you certainly want your blog to go beyond a mere profitable blog and achieve the next level. In that case you need to work beyond the steps I explained here. You need some more tricks, techniques and some useful resources that help you grow fast by accelerating your progress and help you go beyond what you can think off now.

For your convenience I already built my Recommended blogging resource page. You can always come here for all of your blogging needs. It is needless to say that I always keep it updated for myself and for my blog readers like you.

In this page I’ve put together a list of recommended blogging resources that I’ve either personally used or I was highly recommended by the people I trust.


I have really nothing to say next.

If you are still with me and already showed sheer patience in reading this lengthy guide you have reached at the end.

I have already finished what I have to say. Now, this is the time for YOU to take actions.

Be committed. Take actions step-by-step. Get the results you desired. It is as simple as that. PERIOD.

If you think this guide showed you the REAL STEPS to make your blog profitable (Obviously you will need to take actions for the results you are looking for) and inspire you to take actions, please share this page. It will inspire me a lot.

I will be delighted if you like this guide on Facebook by clicking this link or tweet few words for me.

As always your friend in business,

Debabrata Dhar

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