There is an open secret about online success – Money is in the list.

The more people on your list … the more online traffic you control. As a result … more people listen to you … and in the process … more money you can make.

Alternatively it can be said … Money is directly proportional to your email list.

So, increasing your opt-in list demands the highest priority in your online business.

In this context, I am going to introduce a Wordpress plugin for you – Popup Domination 3.0.

Popup Domination 3.0 is all about increasing the number of people, who opt-in to your email list. It literally seduces your online prospects, make them your subscribers and increase your opt-in email list.

Popup Domination 3.0

Popup Domination 3.0 is an intelligent plugin created by Michael Dunlop from It works on any blog or website. It includes 11 high converting tools, each having wide range of customizable options provides you analytical reports on how many people viewing your PopUp, how long they stay and how many of them join your email list.

In almost all case studies I’ve heard, the Popup Domination 3.0 increases opt-in email list quite significantly. The real fact shows – Popup Domination is capable of increasing subscribers from 100% to 429% and even 1050% for different users depending on their reputations, skills and efforts.

Advantage Of PopUps Over No PopUps

Even in the recent past PopUps were believed to be the most annoying things while surfing the web. In general, most people actually hate them. But people get relieved to some extent when standard browsers introduced the PopUp blockers.

Now things have significantly changed. Technology has made the PopUps clever in their application point of view. Nowadays Lightbox PopUps are evolved. They can be cleverly and infrequently used with on-target offers only when they are required and relevant to the content. Clever use of PopUps has made us possible to actually strengthen the content by adding extra benefits to the existing content for the prospects.

So, what is there in your mind?

Are you ready to start using a Lightbox PopUp on your blog or website?

Do you feel that they actually work if used cleverly or do you still believe that they are still annoying what they previously were?

Let me allow to help you reach a quick decision in setting up effective PopUps on your blog or website.

Main Features Of PopUp Domination 3.0