Today I am very much pleased to introduce Michael Rasmussen to my blog readers though he needs no introduction in Internet marketing community.

I used the term INTRODUCTION just because of the fact that this is first time I am writing about him. So, it is a real opportunity for those readers, who are interested in making money online but are not aware of his contribution in affiliate marketing.

Michael Rasmussen is one among those few top affiliate marketing geniuses, who set affiliate marketing up in a new height.

While he was spending his vacation with his family in Hawaii, he earned more than $100,000 as real profit using his own affiliate marketing system.

Here are a few examples of his earning that proves his credibility as a super affiliate marketer:

He made real profit of $15,024 in just 3 days… $18,957.58 in 7days … $35,122.32 in just 3 days …just wait … this is not the end. You will find hundreds of examples like these that essentially prove that he actually reinvented the Art of Affiliate Marketing.

  • Now he has become the most sought after JV partners in his niche market.
  • Product creators are running after him to sell their products.
  • He won tons of affiliate contests using his own system.

But, success didn’t come easily to him,

  • He struggled just like YOU for almost a decade.
  • He tried everything that he could think of – still he could not succeed.
  • He did not know – what to do and how to do?
  • He felt helpless.

One day he stumbled on affiliate marketing almost by accident. After a few try he figured out a simple system for promoting products that he could reuse as often he wanted. He could make massive of cash online at his will.

The key of his online success was having a step-by-step plan to follow and he is reusing the same plan for his every promotion to bring tons of online profit for him.

Here is the most important news for you.

He has recently launched an online course Affiliate Launch Blueprint in which he reveals the same blueprint or system of affiliate marketing that brings rare success for him.

This course Affiliate Launch Blueprint is basically divided into 6 modules.

In these modules he reveals his entire affiliate marketing secrets and how to use them to set up the same affiliate marketing system to bring tons of online profit like him. It’s a complete plan building your own online business.

Here the few important things that you learn and implement in your own online business if you join his course:

  • How to select winning products to promote
  • How to sell, where to sell products
  • How to set up a simple website, write simple copy that generates actual sales
  • How to implement the most hyper-effective product promotion strategy
  • How to become a valued JV partner or affiliate partner in your niche market
  • How to launch products in a small or no list of subscribers
  • How to create nearly irresistible urge for people to buy products from you
  • How to build a list of buyers (not just a list of subscribers) from scratch
  • How to get tons of laser targeted traffic to your website in just 1 to 3 days at zero cost without using Google Adword, PPC marketing, eBay promotion and not even writing 1000 of articles
  • And most importantly you will learn how to start from scratch with no list and make a realistic online profit of $500 to $2500 in each promotion using a simple step-by-step system

To become successful

  • You don’t need a list of 100,000 + subscribers. You can easily start with a list of ZERO people
  • You don’t have to be a technical genius
  • You don’t need to spend hours reading books

You just need to join Affiliate Launch Blueprint and spend just a few hours to follow exactly what to do. It’s an underground affiliate marketing secret formula.


It’s neither a promotional post and nor I am insisting all of you to blindly follow what I told you.

If you want affiliate marketing as your main option for making profit online then grab this opportunity right now! Merely 3 to 4 hours of investment in learning underground affiliate marketing secret formula and setting up the same affiliate marketing system may change your life forever!

Just check this FREE video on Michael Rasmussen’s own site and decide whether it really matters or not.

Remember that this exclusive affiliate marketing secrets are open for a limited time. Too much wasting of time in decision making may cause you lose this wonderful opportunity!

Wishing you best affiliate marketing success,

Debabrata Dhar

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